Sunday, July 17, 2011

How do stores get reimbursed for their own store coupons?

If you have not read my prior post Do Stores Lose Money? followed by The (M) Coupons That Won't Scan you might want to read those beforehand so you have a full understanding.
This was one I often wondered about in the beginning. I understood when you use a manufactures coupon the manufacture paid the store but how do stores make their money off their own store coupons? I mean they do allow it so what am I missing?
Well here it is. There are multiple ways stores get reimburse. Believe it or not the manufactures can pay an advertising fee to have their product or coupon placed in the stores fliers. The manufacture can also say ok you buy this many of this item I'll give you this much in discount. Well in return the stores put it in the sale ads. Here's the trick, you can get this item for $2 which normally cost $4 but you have to clip this and bring it in. Well see the discounted price they paid is the coupon you are clipping. How many of you have looked at them and toss them or forgot them yet still bought the item anyhow? I know I have! Majority do because "ugh" it is just too much work clipping it, bringing it, then remembering to hand it to the cashier. I just rather pay the price then do all that. (Not literally)
The other way is the actual store coupons. These stores have a reimbursement policy which is they are handled exactly like manufacture coupons.
The only time stores are NOT being reimbursed is when they have their store brand item on sale. Always remember store brands are the brands that the store makes the most money on. Stores are a business do you really think they don't know about couponers? If they didn't why do they have coupon policies?

In the end they get their money. The store make there sale ad months in advanced they work with their supplier who send out coupons which are also made in advance. They know what's going on, and their good at it. Manufactures also use couponers and stores to spread the word that there is a coupon out there. was a guy who watched his father in-law get up from a chair walk down his driveway grab the paper, then sit at the table Sunday morning to clip his coupons. He knew there had to be a better way. Now manufactures use that website to get more coupons out. Trust me when I say stores are not losing money if anything it brings them business. Most of my now frequently shopped at stores, I would have never used before I couponed. So like I said it's not hurting anyone. Just remember don't clear shelves that does hurt the next couponer:)

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